Climate Justice coalition to protest big polluters in Taranaki

“If the government won’t rise up for climate justice, we will” says Emily Bailey from Climate Justice Taranaki, which is gathering with a coalition of social justice and environmental groups from across Aotearoa to protest in Taranaki during the COP26 international climate negotiations in November. “We are sick of waiting for the government to take the urgent action needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions and … Continue reading Climate Justice coalition to protest big polluters in Taranaki

Sports Boycotts & Apartheid

From South Africa to Israel by Jack Delaney  August 22, 2021 During this summer’s Tokyo Olympics, Algerian Fethi Nourine was slated to battle Israeli Tohar Butbul in judo. Before the bout, Nourine withdrew in protest of Israeli policies, expressing support for Palestinians. “We worked a lot to reach the Olympics but the Palestinian cause is bigger than all of this,” he stated. Nourine and his trainer were recalled … Continue reading Sports Boycotts & Apartheid

Hashtag ‘Untie_Our_Hands’: How Many More Palestinians Must Die for Israel’s ‘Security’? Thursday, 9 September 2021, 9:16 amArticle: Ramzy Baroud A large Israeli army campaign is taking social media by storm. The unstated aim of what is known as the “#Untie_Our_Hands” initiative is the desire to kill, with no accountability, more Palestinian protesters at the Gaza fence. The campaign was motivated by the killing of an Israeli sniper, Barel Hadaria Shmueli, who was reportedly shot from … Continue reading Hashtag ‘Untie_Our_Hands’: How Many More Palestinians Must Die for Israel’s ‘Security’?

Western Sahara Event + Update

The Reliance of Aotearoa on Phosphate from Western Sahara Date Saturday 31 July 2021Time 1:00pm – 3:00pmLocation Artspace Aotearoa, 292 Karangahape RdEntry Free and open to allPart of Slow Boil Artspace Aotearoa and Slow Boil presents, The reliance of Aotearoa on phosphate from the Western Sahara. This panel discussion features Matthew Galloway in conversation with Mohamed Kamal Fadel & Golriz Ghahraman, the speakers will be extending the research & work produced over the course … Continue reading Western Sahara Event + Update

Space For Peace Campaign

We had a successful protest on Midsummers day, which you can read about in this article by Ollie Neas for Spinoff, this Māori TV video, and Newshub article. To read our report of it, checkout Auckland Peace Actions writeup here with beautiful pics! Sign our Space For Peace petition here. The next day there was this Breakfast Show piece where Ollie Neas talks to Duncan Garner about Rocket Lab. Politically in parliament, … Continue reading Space For Peace Campaign

Endorse the Pacific People’s Declaration for Peace, July 2021

The Pacific Peace Network invite you to endorse the Pacific People’s Declaration for Peace, in opposition to #TalismanSabre – international naval military training exercises, in Queensland waters, Australia. Please sign the declaration by the 22nd of July. Sign here or click the link bellow. Talisman Sabre takes place every two years on land and sea around Shoalwater Bay in Central Queensland, home of the Great … Continue reading Endorse the Pacific People’s Declaration for Peace, July 2021

Stop Rocket Lab’s Militarisation of Space

Press release: [ 21/06/2021] Rocket Lab has been launching satellites for the United States military and private companies, breaching our Nuclear Free status, making New Zealand complicit in U.S. military practices, thereby making New Zealand a military target. Auckland Peace Action is calling for the government to immediately suspend Rocket Lab’s launches of military payloads, which contribute to the weaponisation of Space and ongoing warfare … Continue reading Stop Rocket Lab’s Militarisation of Space

Stop the Militarisation of Space! Protest RocketLab

Protest RocketLab HQ, 25 Levene Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland.12 Noon, Monday, 21st June. Winter Solstice. RocketLab is a US owned company, whose major shareholders are US military arms manufacturers. They have been launching spy and weapon-control capable satellites into Space, from Aotearoa New Zealand.This is the militarisation of Space! These satellites will likely be used in future conflict and surveillance on Earth. RocketLab is using … Continue reading Stop the Militarisation of Space! Protest RocketLab

Asylum Seekers, safety not prison!

We were outside Mt Eden Prison on Tuesday morning on the 18th of May 2021 joining with @AmnestyNZ and @Asylum_Trust_nz to demand that asylum seekers no longer be imprisoned! Seeking safety is not a crime! @KrisinMana you have the responsibility to set them free & accommodate compassionately. Allegations of rape, assault of asylum seekers in prison, new report reveals : NZ Herald. ‘Immediate and urgent … Continue reading Asylum Seekers, safety not prison!