About Auckland Peace Action

Auckland Peace Action is a grassroots community peace campaign formed in opposition to war and war profiteering in Aotearoa NZ and the world.

We exist to:
1/ Raise public awareness about the weapons expo, the wider military/industrial complex and NZ’s role in the War on Terror.
2/ Build & sustain an active movement of people opposed to war and militarism.
3/ Disrupt and shut down the military-industrial complex in NZ and globally through non-violent direct action and respecting a diversity of tactics.
4/ Build solidarity across movements by recognising the interconnected and disastrous consequences of war, colonialism and capitalism for the majority of people in NZ and the world.
5/ We stand for a world free from oppression and we envision a world with peace, justice and self-determination. We envision a demilitarised and decolonised Pacific.

Get in touch & get involved

We would love to hear from you & are keen for you to get involved in APA – you can contact us here, email us at aucklandpeaceaction(at)gmail.com, or message us on Facebook or Twitter.
You can also sign up to our newsletter for action updates

Allies and friends

Here’s a super short list of some of the most awesome people on the planet – our friends working for peace and justice everywhere! If you have a link we should share, please email us on AucklandPeaceAction(at)gmail.com. Thanks!

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Aotearoa Justice Watch

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New Zealand Coalition for Inter-Korean Peace