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  • Weapons Expo, Arms Trade & NZ Military Spending
  • Anzac Day & Resistance to nationalism
  • Anti-Islamophobia and Anti-Racism
  • War & Climate Change
  • Subversion – Auckland Peace Action’s irregular zine
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Weapons Expo, Arms Trade & NZ Military Spending

Profiting from War: New Zealand Weapons and military related industry (2015 report)
Peace Action Wellington released a report into New Zealand’s weapons and military-related industry. This report, entitled Profiting from War, was produced in November 2015 in support of the campaign to stop the annual New Zealand Defence Industry Association conference at the TSB Arena in Wellington.

PDF Version (A4)
PDF Version A3 imposed for print and cover

NZ Military Spending: What a Waste
This illustrated double-sided A5 leaflet was produced in 2018 in support of the campaign against the arms trade

Double sided A4 page (2-up) PDF
JPG of Side 1
JPG of Side 2

Articles about the Weapons Expo, NZ Arms Trade & Military Spending

ANZAC DAY and Resistance to nationalism

Picnic for Peace Leaflet (PDF)

This A5 Leaflet was created for our annual Picnic for Peace on Anzac Day

Resources created from the Disrupting the Narrative Exhibition: challenging ideas about NZ in World War 1

Field Punishment #1 (PDF)
Intending Immigrants (PDF)
Entry to Baghdad (PDF)
NZ Truth, August 1914 (PDF)

Disrupting the Narrative: challenging ideas about New Zealand in World War 1.
A zine produced for Anzac Day

This is a 12 page A5 zine (created with 3 A4 sheets of paper).
Disrupting the narrative zine (PDF)








War and Climate Change

We produced this A5-sized War & Climate Change leaflet for the  blockade of the Oil Summit Conference in Taranaki. You can download a PDF of it here: war and climate change or a 2-up version (for printing onto A4 paper) here: war and climate change 2up.





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