Whistleblowers Needed

We need to get as much information about the Weapons Expo as we can. Since the New Zealand Defence Industry Association isn’t likely to divulge nearly as much about the location of the expo, the sponsors or the programme of events, we are relying on people to get that information to us. We know that many conscientious people work for some of the companies involved in the Expo, and they don’t want to be part of the global arms trade. If you are one of those people, please consider passing information to us.

Here’s how

  1. Use email
    If you want to use email, please be sure to take some precautions. First, do not email us from your work computer or work phone. You may not want to use your home computer or phone for additional security. There are publicly available computers at libraries and internet cafes. We recommend opening a ProtonMail account. This is a free, encrypted service. Documents from a USB stick can be attached to an email and sent to our account: aucklandpeaceaction@protonmail.com
  2. Use the post
    Simply print off material and send it to us with no return address. Our postal address is Auckland Peace Action,c/- The Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland
  3. Use Signal
    You can also reach us using Signal, a secure voice and messaging app, at 022-0805-369. You can download Signal for Android or iPhone. After installing it on your mobile device and registering your phone number, you can also choose to install the desktop version on your computer.Here’s how to contact us securely using Signal:On your Android phone, open the Signal app, tap the pen icon in the bottom right to start a new message, type our phone number, 022-0805-369. From there, you can send us an encrypted Signal text message.On your iPhone, you first have to add our phone number to your contacts. Open the phone’s Settings app, scroll down to iCloud, and make sure syncing Contacts is turned off (feel free to turn it back on later). Then open the Phone app, switch to the Contacts tab, and add a new contact with the phone number 022-0805-369. Open the Signal app, tap the pen icon in the top right to start a new message, and select the contact you just added. From there, you can send us an encrypted Signal text message. Once you’ve sent it, go back into your Phone app and delete the contact you created for us.You can also follow this guide to help lock down your phone and make sure your what happens in your Signal app is more private.

Please consider your own safety and security foremost when passing along information. Choose a method of leaking information that will protect your anonymity if that is important.