Frigates late & over budget

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that weapons giant Lockheed Martin will be late on its delivery of Te Kaha, the first of the Navy frigates being upgraded in Canada. This military contract is just a slush fund for the world’s largest weapons company. The forecast date for delivery was June 2020. Now it is December 2020. This is alongside a nearly $200 million cost … Continue reading Frigates late & over budget

RESIST APEC 2021: Say NO to a Police State

The government is currently consulting on the APEC 2021 bill. This law is being passed to allow the suspension of your basic rights and instituting extreme security and surveillance measures during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Auckland in November 2021.  We need you to say NO to APEC 2021 and to make your voice heard. Submissions are due no later than Wednesday, … Continue reading RESIST APEC 2021: Say NO to a Police State

NZ Troops must leave Iraq

“It is imperative that New Zealand Defence Force Troops still stationed in Iraq leave the country,” said Valerie Morse, member of Auckland Peace Action. “The Iraqi Parliament has passed a resolution calling for all foreign troops to leave. NZ must respect that resolution and get the remaining 43 members of the NZDF out now.” The deployment of the final round of NZ troops is due … Continue reading NZ Troops must leave Iraq

Neo-Nazi in NZDF

We are alarmed to learn that an enlisted soldier in the New Zealand Defence Force is an avowed member of a neo-Nazi group. He is now in military prison subject to a criminal investigation. The far right around the world target military and police forces both by enlisting and by recruiting members from these organisations. Last year, a British Army soldier who served in Afghanistan … Continue reading Neo-Nazi in NZDF

Uyghur petition aimed at Massey

Auckland Peace Action is launching a petition demanding Massey University’s complete and immediate disengagement with iFLYTEK, a Chinese company that has been blacklisted for complicity in China’s massive human rights violations. The petition comes hot on the heels of Newsroom’s expose of the relationship between the company and the University. Jessie Dennis, a Massey student and member of Auckland Peace Action initiated the petition. She … Continue reading Uyghur petition aimed at Massey

Hard to imagine: mass repression of Uyghur people by Chinese Government

Who is/where are the Uyghur people? The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), also known as East Turkestan, is a huge, sparsely populated area located in China’s far northwest. This is where Uyghurs – a Turkic speaking Muslim minority group – live. They comprise about 11.3 million of a total of 22 million people. What is happening to their human rights there? Over recent months, disturbing … Continue reading Hard to imagine: mass repression of Uyghur people by Chinese Government

Oppose the new terrorism law – Say No to Control Orders

The government is seeking to rush through new terrorism legislation – they have given just FOUR days for the public to make submissions. This rushed process is a serious violation of democratic process, and the law is unnecessary. MAKE A SUBMISSION We are encouraging people to make a brief submission to Parliament opposing the Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill for the following reasons Here are … Continue reading Oppose the new terrorism law – Say No to Control Orders

China’s State Terrorism: Uyghurs in gulags

This week 23 countries – including New Zealand – condemned China at the United Nations over its horrifying treatment of the Uyghur ethnic minority within its own borders. The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority group native to Xinjiang, the supposedly autonomous region situated in China’s northwest. China has been systematically targeting them, incarcerating Uyghurs en masse and attempting to stamp out their culture. It’s built … Continue reading China’s State Terrorism: Uyghurs in gulags

Don’t turn our communities into war zones

Join us at a rally in Manukau Square to tell the police we don’t want our communities turned into war zones. say no to the Americanisation of our police say no to racist police violence.  demand an end armed police patrols, get assault rifles off our streets reestablish democratic control of law enforcement. SATURDAY, 2 NOVEMBER, 12 noon @ Manukau SquareOn October 18, Police Commissioner … Continue reading Don’t turn our communities into war zones

The Endeavour was a military invasion

Auckland Peace Action extends its solidarity and support to the Kia Mau Resist250 campaign, which opposes the visit of the replica Endeavour ship and the associated celebration of the beginning of colonisation in Aotearoa. Captain James Cook was part of the British Navy, and his mission to survey the South Pacific was based on secret orders from the Admiralty. Let us not pretend that his … Continue reading The Endeavour was a military invasion