The war by the NZ police against Māori men continues

The war by the New Zealand police against Māori men continues, with another extrajudicial execution, on the lands of Taranaki. This is a painful reminder at the state of things, the racist and classist police brutality, and the terrifying and deadly use of firearms by the police force. We are beyond disturbed and sickened by the killing of Kaoss Price, and see this pattern of murder, alongside over-policing, high incarceration, injustice, and stolen children, as a continuation of genocide against Māori by the Crown. The killing must stop. It is abysmal to the notion of justice that the New Zealand constabulary have no real mechanism of accountability, as their internal investigations rarely lead to any punishment what-so-ever, and excruciatingly stressful that last year the police announced they would be routinely arming themselves and deploying Armed Offender Squad trained police in the community. We affirm that an independent investigation into police shootings be conducted, and the police lose access to deadly weapons, in order to protect the community, civilians, and Tangata Whenua. #ArmsDownNZ.

For more on this issue, read Radio New Zealand’s in depth special: License to Kill, The Startling truth about New Zealand’s Fatal Police Shootings

For more discourse here are some Tweets from people in Aotearoa:

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