Call to Action! Oppose the Tactical Response Model

The police announced a month ago that they intend to roll out a programme including:
– 200 police officers trained as Armed Offender Squad police, who would be in regular uniform and some would accompany dog-handlers.
– 2000 officers trained to identify threats and deal with things such as gun-shot wounds.
– 30 million dollars for additional unspecified intelligence and investigations.

People Against Prisons Aotearoa responded. A volunteer for Auckland Peace Action had 20 minute live-stream chat on Facebook with Tom from People Against Prisons Aotearoa about this issue, which you can watch here.

We really recommend you read People Against Prisons Aotearoa’s submission detailing why they oppose the Tactical Response Model here:

Today is one of the last days to voice your opposition to the Police’s Tactical Response Model. Please do so!


The due date is Wednesday 20th October. You don’t have to use your usual email address to send your feedback. Put “Tactical Response Model” in the subject line.

It is a great idea to use what People Against Prisons Aotearoa have written as a guide for your email.

For information regarding Police armament, use of force, and other talking points for your submission check out this website: click on “Take Action” and follow the tabs for some info you can include in your submission.

 Thank you for your support and being part of the #ArmsDownNZ movement. We have to keep our communities safe from the threat of increased gun-use by police and targeting of marginalised communities.

“I am very concerned about my family being affected by armed police. As a Māori woman with a visibly Māori family, I am horrified to that the consequences of this will be. I am vehemently against this and do not what my people to be subject to more harm.”
The Armed Offenders Squad smashed my house apart looking for someone who wasn’t there and said it was my fault for not being home. It scares me that the will be patrolling my community.

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