Space For Peace Campaign

We had a successful protest on Midsummers day, which you can read about in this article by Ollie Neas for Spinoff, this Māori TV video, and Newshub article.

To read our report of it, checkout Auckland Peace Actions writeup here with beautiful pics!

Sign our Space For Peace petition here.

The next day there was this Breakfast Show piece where Ollie Neas talks to Duncan Garner about Rocket Lab.

Politically in parliament, Teanau Tuiono of the Green Party has submitted a Bill to amend the Outer Space and High altitude Activities Act and prohibit the launching of military hardware into space from Aotearoa New Zealand.

In June as well there was a very informative livestreamed webinar, ‘Stop the Militarisation of Space’ with RocketLab Monitor giving an overview, mana whenua of Māhia presenting their concerns, and special guest speaker Prof. Kevin Clements. Watch it here:

We recognise that stopping Rocket Lab’s unethical launches is really important mahi! The satellites which Rocket Lab launches for their military clients can be used for spying and future warfare on Earth. Preventing the militarisation of Space would likely be preventing future atrocities.

As Māori land is being used for this, against the kaupapa of the mana whenua, it is especially vital that launches be immediately stopped!

The NZ Government should not grant permission for any further launches!

You’re welcome to get involved in this campaign by emailing

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