Māhia locals say Haere Atu

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Watch 23rd May 2021 NZ Q+A episode Watch on TVNZ on demand here, featuring the concerns of Māhia locals.


RocketLab are working for the US military to put military and surveillance satellites in the sky, #SpaceForPeaceAotearoa is a community campaign to stop that.

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Kia ora, Space For Peace is a community campaign to stop the militarisation of Space, respecting mana whenua, and protecting te taiao (environment). Thanks for being part of the movement for peace on earth and in Space!
News From Māhia

Mar 24 2021 Rocket Lab launch for US military draws protests from Hawke’s Bay community March 29 2021 Rocket Lab failing to properly consult with Hapū: Greens meet with ngā uri o Rongomaiwahine 21 April 2021 Opposition to military loads carried by Rocket Lab A northern Hawke’s Bay group is accusing the company of a lack of transparency and of breaking promises made to the community.

April 24, 2021 Payload details redacted Details of the controversial US Army satellite put into orbit from Rocket Lab’s Mahia launch pad have been kept secret… a media release from the US Army last year said Gunsmoke-J was a joint capability technology demonstration… that “will provide new and advanced capabilities to the tactical war-fighters”.

12 May 2021 The New Zealand Government is accelerating the militarisation of space with official blessing for the launch of a US military satellite The launch is a key enabler of the Joint Warfighting Concept, a new policy describing how the different arms of the US military will fight together with seamless coordination across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace. 

15th May 2021 While RocketLab prepared to launch missile-targeting technology, mana whenua were at the launch site expressing opposition to the militarisation of Mahia and Outer Space.#NoMilitaryLaunches #HaereAtuRocketLab

15th May 2021 Rocket Lab satellite launch fails!The rocket which RocketLab attempted to launch on May the 15th blew up and disintegrated at high altitude and/or fell into the sea or onto land? The problem occurred during ignition of the Electron rocket’s second stage, the company said in a statement. Fortunately BlackSky technology won’t be deployed just yet.

Comming up:Q+A, Sunday 9.30 am.TVNZ 1: On New Zealand’s fledgling space industry.
Journalist Whena Owen went to Mahia to watch a Rocket Lab launch and documented the growing resistance to operations amongst locals.  RocketLab in trouble
 Peter Beck is not only a terrible tenant but also a terrible employer who doesn’t respect the employment agreements signed with staff let alone NZ employment laws.


Rocket Lab Monitor 

News: Wairoa District Council consented in only 10 days unlimited launches, forever, with no public input.

– The application was not publicly notified.

Consent for unlimited rocket launches was granted by WDC less than two weeks after the application was submitted.

Full article and links to the consents HERE

 No Space For War Webinar:

Here is the full recording of the No Space For War webinar: https://youtu.be/2G9NDyqYxcQ
Special thanks to our guests, Sonya Smith from Rocket Lab Monitor 

Thanks as well to Ollie Neas who shared his findings with us.Read Ollie Neas’ writing on the topic:
Mahia, We Have a Problem,
US Military Satellite launch and Stuart Nash

The spy chief and the payload: The story behind NZ’s first US spy satellite launch,

NZ rocket launches may breach nuclear-free laws, say peace groups

and more.

Thanks for your support!
Ngā mihi, Space For Peace Aotearoa campaign Email us at spaceforpeace@protonmail.com

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