Nakba Day ~ Aotearoa Palestine Solidarity

Massive turnout in #TāmakiMakaurau#Auckland in solidarity with #Palestine, #Gaza and #SheikhJarrah. Soo much mauri in peoples chants and cries for a free Palestine. Nanaia Mahuta MP – Hauraki-Waikato we call upon you to Divest, Boycott, and Sanction Israel for its apartheid state and war crimesFrom Auckland’s Palestinian solidarity Rally yesterday, an estimated >5000 protesters showed up!!!! Thank you for your support!!! ✌️🇵🇸Speakers spoke of hope and determination for liberation for #Palestine, pride of being Palestinian, in Aotea sq, Auckland. The call has been made for Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand Labour Party to recognise the state of Palestine.From Aotearoa to #Palestine. Decolonise, oppose militarism and resist settler colonialism!

Auckland Peace Action endorses the call by Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa today in their demands for:

-The end of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land (UN Security Council Resolution 242)

-The Right Of Return for Palestinian refugees expelled by Israeli militias (UN General Assembly resolution 194 – reaffirmed every year since 1949)

-The end to more than 65 laws decirminating against Palestinian Israeli’s (illegal under the crime of Aparthieid as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court)

-The demand that Israel stop builing Jewish -only settlements on Palestinian land (UN Security Council resolution 2334, which was co -sponsored by the New Zealand Government). These settlements are illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and a war crime under the rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Support Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa:

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