NoSpaceForWar webinar


No Space For War webinar! Full recording:

Thanks to our speakers @ollieneas and Sonya Smith of @RocketLabM for your valuable whakaaro and insight. Sign the petition!…

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Rocket Lab is heralded as a pioneering company leading the exploration of space from here on the shores of Mahia peninsula. But is Rocket Lab contributing to wars down here on earth and building weapons in space? Community concerns are rising about what Rocket Lab is really doing, its US military customers and why weapons giant Lockheed Martin is backing the project.

Join us for an informative webinar to get the full story of Rocket Lab’s activities and the concerns of Tangata Whenua and community members close to Rocket Lab’s launch site.


Ollie Neas: Ollie is an investigative journalist who has been documenting the Rocket Lab story for several years.

Sonya Smith, Sonya is Ngati Rakaipaaka and based in Wairoa, and has more than 25 years’ experience in healthcare with a background in nursing. She is one of the members of Rocket Lab Monitor, a new group group of volunteers focusing on information collection and education – making sure information shared is factual as something for concerned locals and others to join and build awareness not only of Rocket Lab activities but New Zealand government policy and decision-making on launches.

There will be a brief opportunity for questions at the end of the speakers’ kōrero.

100 participant cap, so register here to attend:

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