International Solidarity for Uyghur, Hong Kongers, Tibetans, free thinkers in China and all people oppressed by imperialism

Open Letter Against Beijing and Washington, for International Workers’ Solidarity: Internationalists and the 1 October Day of Action

October Day of Action”Chinese version: 中文版

This open letter has been initiated by the Uyghur Solidarity Campaign UK and Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong (UK). We invite you to add your support:

1 October 2020 is the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It will be marked by protests around the world in solidarity with the Uyghur, Mongolian and Tibetan people, the Hong Kong democracy movement, and democracy activists and dissidents within China.

As socialists, progressives, anti-capitalists and trade unionists, we stand in solidarity with all those struggling under the repressive Chinese state and ruling class.

In Tibet and the Uyghur region, China maintains colonial occupations marked by extreme brutality and racist persecution, including mass internment, forced labour and involuntary contraception. The Chinese empire is attempting to consolidate control by forcibly suppressing and assimilating the cultures, languages and national identities of these peoples.

In Hong Kong, the new National Security Law and violent police crackdowns mark a new escalation of state repression against a movement demanding universal suffrage and political freedom.

Across the country, the so-called “Communist” party-state presides over an economy of rampant exploitation, with wealth inequality approaching that of the USA and still growing. Dissent is suppressed and independent trade unions are banned, while capitalists and state bureaucrats profit. This is naked class rule, not a path to socialism.

Further afield, through its Belt and Road Initiative and debt-trap diplomacy, Beijing seeks to compete as a superpower by tying a swathe of the world into a China-led economic sphere. Echoing the tactics of western imperialism, China is expanding its long-range offensive weapon systems, militarising the South China Sea and seeking to seize resource-abundant waters claimed by Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

At the same time, in rival powers such as the US, UK and India, cold war hawks pose as allies to Beijing’s victims. This is cynical opportunism by hypocrites, imperialists and nationalists seeking advantage over a rival. The escalation of economic and military tensions is no solution, and threatens to endanger and impoverish the oppressed and working classes on both sides of the divide.

The ultimate liberation of the working classes and oppressed peoples around the world will not be handed to us by one or other gang of imperialists and exploiters: we must win it ourselves.

Therefore we look with hope and solidarity to the resistance from below that already exists within China and its occupied territories: the Hong Kong democracy movement and the role of independent trade unions within it; the seething class struggle of unofficial strikes and civil disobedience independent of the state-controlled unions inside China; feminist & LGBTQ activism, environmental protests, and artists, writers and cultural activists; the protests in Southern Mongolia against moves to squeeze their language out of education; and more.

As we battle exploitation, oppression and imperialism in our own countries, we must build links with, amplify and support those struggles. Consistently opposing the ruling classes on both sides of this growing conflict, we must build solidarity across borders based on fundamental principles: class struggle, full economic and political democracy, universal human rights, liberation from all oppression, and the right of self-determination for all nations and peoples.

Therefore, on 1 October we will organise solidarity actions under the banner “Against Beijing and Washington, for International Workers’ Solidarity”. We invite all individuals and groups who agree, to sign this statement and organise with us.

Our friends at Uyghur Solidarity NZ had this to say

#NoXiNoTrump International day of action against oppression by imperialist countries. We in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland stood in solidarity with the #Uyghur, #Tibetans, #HongKongers and free thinkers in #China. We had our vigil of banners and information to korero with the public yesterday afternoon. It was a successful day for us though we were to busy to take photos, we had lots of conversations and spread the message. They say “Close the concentration camps in China #Uyghur” “Stop: We stand with the uyghurs against the harassment in NZ by the Chinese Government” and “we stand with the uyghurs against their mass detention by the Chinese Government” and “Free trade does not free people” #UyghurGenocide

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