Second neo-Nazi soldier exposed

We are horrified to learn that a second soldier in the NZDF is an avowed neo-Nazi. This person has been identified as Max Newsome. He has links with violent fascist organisations overseas. It follows closely on the arrest of another solider in December at Linton military camp.

The NZDF has known for a week who this person is but has refused to answer questions. They have clearly got a Nazi problem in NZDF. So far, just like the other scandals the NZDF is dealing with – Operation Burnham, sexual abuse, PFAS contamination – the military thinks if it doesn’t talk about them they will just go away.

What is the military going to do with this guy? And how many more Nazis are in the military?

Infiltration of the military and police is a specific tactic of the fascist right. It seems that the NZDF has been oblivious or wilfully ignorant of this.

For two decades years the NZDF has been part of the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. It has been killing Muslims in the name of the ‘War on Terror’ while successive governments have demonised and criminalised Muslims. There is a clear link between rising fascism and Islamophobia and these endless wars and occupations.

Thanks to our friends in the White Rose Society in occupied Australia, ParaDoxx and Paparoa for their continued work.

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