Don’t turn our communities into war zones

Join us at a rally in Manukau Square to tell the police we don’t want our communities turned into war zones.

  • say no to the Americanisation of our police
  • say no to racist police violence. 
  • demand an end armed police patrols, get assault rifles off our streets
  • reestablish democratic control of law enforcement.

SATURDAY, 2 NOVEMBER, 12 noon @ Manukau Square
On October 18, Police Commissioner Mike Bush declared that units of heavily armed police commandos will be put on patrol in New Zealand’s communities. Today, Armed Offender Squad officers with assault rifles are roaming the streets of Counties Manukau, Waikato, and Canterbury. These armed police patrols were announced without New Zealanders having any democratic say in the policy. The patrols will run for a six month trial, after which the police themselves will decide if they want to keep them going.

Armed police patrols put deadly weapons in the hands of frontline officers. This is despite firearm crimes declining over the last 6 years. Bored cops with guns are patrolling some of the most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in the country waiting for something to do. This plan is dangerous. It will make situations more likely to turn into deadly shootouts, and it won’t make our communities safer. Police already choose to shoot to kill – and the people they kill are overwhelmingly Māori and Pacific. If we don’t shut down the armed police patrols, more lives will be lost to police violence in the coming years.


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