No room for racism in Aotearoa

“Auckland Peace Action will join with other activist and community groups across Auckland to resist racism if any public events involving right wing extremist speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux go ahead,” said Valerie Morse, member of Auckland Peace Action

“We support Auckland City Council and their decision not to let council venues be used to promote racist hate speech.”

“We stand with the Muslim community in South Auckland who started the petition against these hate speakers. We will mobilise against the politics of hate and racism in Auckland.”

“MP Marama Davidson and I have both received death threats from the fascist supporters of Southern and Molyneux. These speakers embolden white supremacists and will directly contribute to increasing the level of racism and violence against the diverse communities that make up this city.”

“Auckland is an amazing culturally diverse and tolerant city, and people of this city like it that way. We want to honour the Tangata Whenua and celebrate Auckland’s multicultural diversity, not have our city subject to racism, fear and violence.”

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