Peaceships NOT Warships: Resist RIMPAC war plans in 2018


LOCATION: Queens Parade at Spring Street Devonport (at entrance to Navy Base)

In June 2018, navies, warships and weapons from 26 nations across the globe are gathering in the Pacific for the world’s largest international maritime war exercises, called “RIMPAC” for “Rim of the Pacific.” The NZ military serving as the sea combat commander in this grotesque display of imperial US power.

These military exercises are all about planning for war—a US war in the Pacific—and maintaining the US corporate access to markets across the globe. The US military is the big stick for US capitalism: it ensures that US companies can appropriate the resources of the Pacific, and ensures that those markets are open for US goods.

In its wake RIMPAC leaves a trail of destruction: marine sanctuaries turned into live firing ranges, communities overrun with weapons and soldiers, toxic waste dumped on land and in the sea, desecration of sacred sites, and a heightened risk of rape and kidnapping of women and children by soldiers.

This year for the first time the Israel Defence Force (IDF) will be participating. So while the IDF is busily shooting unarmed protesters in Gaza and the West Bank, and terrorising civilian peace flotillas that seek to break Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza, other parts of the Israeli Navy will be deployed in the Pacific to help shore up US power.

People across the Pacific do not want these war exercises in their homes, in their ocean, in their very communities: from Guam to Okinawa, from Auckland to Manila, from Suva to San Diego, our communities say RESIST RIMPAC.

Join with us to resist this war planning. It’s time for us to put the vast resources that we use to make war to build peace and justice. This means building a demilitarised and decolonised Pacific: weapons-free, nuclear-free and independent!

Peaceships not warships!

One thought on “Peaceships NOT Warships: Resist RIMPAC war plans in 2018

  1. My father was US Navy. My mother was a civilian working for the US Navy.
    As a youth I rejected the US military-industrial complex.
    Trillions of dollars have been wasted over the centuries on war.
    Humanity could have had paradise…..


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