Message and a Warning to the Australian Government

A day after Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull again rejected New Zealand’s offer to resettle some refugees held in prison gulags on Manus Island, he has been warned not to visit New Zealand as he may face arrest on charges of crimes against humanity.

Members of Auckland Peace Action have today delivered a warning to both Malcolm Turnbull and to Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton that their failure to save the lives of 700 innocent people will result in arrest warrants being sought should they try to come to New Zealand. The group delivered the warning to the Australian Consulate at lunchtime.

The matter is already before the International Criminal Court (ICC), and of course New Zealand is a signatory to the Rome Statute so we have jurisdiction to take action against perpetrators of crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Earlier this year, the Global Legal Action Network (Glan) and the Stanford International Human Rights Clinic put a mass of evidence before the ICC of the abuses inside the camps. The closure of the camp at Manus, and the plan by the Australian government to leave the 700 people on the island actually compounds the culpability of the Prime Minister and Minister of Immigration in horrific crimes.

The people who sought refuge in Australia have been left for dead on Manus. We say its well past time that the New Zealand government takes action to rescue these people and bring them here.


For Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
For Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

The disgusting horror that you have wrecked upon the men imprisoned in your gulag on Manus Island will not be forgotten.

Your acts of cruelty – your acts of vile political expediency – will not be forgotten.

The lives and the deaths of the men of Manus will haunt you forever. People across Australia – and across the world – will never, ever let you forget the crimes against humanity you are committing.

You have a choice, now, today.

You can make a decision to save the lives of 700 men who came to you seeking protection who now face death on Manus Island.

Or you can continue your campaign of murderous terror against these people.

If you choose to save the lives of these men, then their horror can end. IT can end right NOW.

But if you choose to continue, you will pay for your crimes.

This is your warning

Prime Minister Turnbull and Minister Dutton, know that if you should try to travel to New Zealand, we will seek to have you arrested for crimes against humanity.

You may be able to exist happy and secure in Australia, but your failure to save the lives of innocent people will turn Australia into your own prison.

The horrors that you have unleashed against innocent people in these detention centres will in time deform your own beloved “lucky country” into your own hell on earth.

We will follow you, we will hound you, we will not rest, until justice is done for the victims of your policies of terror.

The choice is yours.


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