headlineimage-adapt-1460-high-droneart_03312014-1410532432837DRONE ASSASSINATION AWARENESS WEEK

Catholic Workers, together with friends from various social justice traditions are mobilising for six days and nights of fasting and prayer in solidarity with drone assassination victims and families.

U.S. drone strikes have killed thousands of innocent civilians in 7 Muslim majority countries. The killing continues. Our NZ Defense Forces (GCSB) are helping the killer drone programme, by giving signals intelligence to the U.S.


  • Witness to the killings
  • Vigil and pray for the dead
  • Pray for the perpetrators
  • Call on the GCSB to end all assistance given to the Killer Drone programme
  • Call on the GCSB to release all historic files
  • Spread the word about Drone Assassinations.

Find out more or download/print out our flyer. You can also download the programme for the week here.

Auckland Peace Action stands in solidarity with the Catholic Workers and peace friends who are undertaking to bring the war home to those who are explicitly providing material support for the illegal and immoral US drone wars.