Solidarity with Niki Rauti


Auckland Peace Action stands in solidarity with Niki Rauti as she opposes her eviction from her home of several decades, an act being perpetrated by the Tāmaki Redevelopment Company in order to sell the land.
The Tāmaki Redevelopment Company’s policy of evicting people from their homes and selling the land to property developers is a grotesquely unjust act.
This forced displacement of people from their land to make way for the inhabitation of the land by wealthy people of the hegemonic ethnic group has a long and sordid history. From the Israeli occupation of Palestine to the mass resettlements in Eastern Europe during the World Wars, destroying the houses of resisting populations, forcibly resettling them and stealing their land has been a popular method of quelling resistance and destroying the society and culture of the resisting peoples. It is beyond belief that the New Zealand Government is willing to treat its own citizens as if they were an enemy to be eliminated.
The fact that this is taking place in New Zealand is particularly galling, as it represents nothing more than a direct extension of the colonial government’s policies of theft and repression that it now seems have remained unchanged since the 19th century. In effect, the government is still fighting the land wars, which is equally mad.
Finally, one has to ask why the government is selling state housing in Auckland in the middle of a serious housing crisis. The only conclusion that can fairly be drawn is that the government is either delusional, malicious or both. Notwithstanding which explanation holds, if the government is using wartime tactics on its own citizens, then as a peace group we must oppose it. We will stand in solidarity with Niki and the others who have been involved in the ongoing campaign against here eviction.
The Tāmaki Redevelopment Company will attempt to gain another possession order on the 21st of February. The occupation of Niki’s home to protect against eviction attempts will begin on the 19th of February. Stand for basic human decency and oppose this war being waged by the government on the people of Glen Innes.

Join the occupation this week at 14 Taniwha Street, Glen Innes, to stop #NikisEviction.

Protest at Tāmaki Redevelopment Company’s “public” meeting at Glen Innes Primary School this Saturday 9am.


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