Flotilla time change & on-land gathering

12236135272067238785manio1_digital_clock_23-svg-hiThe peace flotilla will be out on the water from 12:30-2:30 SATURDAY to challenge these warships during the International Naval Review.

For those coming from the west, meet city side of harbour bridge in front of wynyard wharf. People coming from the east meet near harbour entrance by ports of auckland. We are hoping to come together in the middle between the warships and the waterfront (roughly between Queens and Princes Wharves) around 1pm, but will judge this on the day. It is important we don’t get in the way of the HMNZ Otago which will be slowly circling the anchored ships. Some of us have radios and will be coordinating this so follow their lead.

On-land supporters can gather around the Viaduct Bridge & on the Viaduct events centre viewing platform with banners & peace placards in support.

We are taking to the seas to challenge the glorification of war and militarism. Many of these navies involved in disaster relief this week have been involved in disaster creation in Iraq and Afghanistan. War is not a natural disaster, and no community should have missiles launched at it. We see the Navy review is essentially a showcase of military power. It is totally inappropriate in a peace-loving country like New Zealand.


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