The New Zealand military has announced its schedule for the week of war in November. This is a week where they will be celebrating war: they’ll be aiming to get young people to sign up to fight and die in wars, polishing up the public image of killing and dying in war, and cosying up to others who like to fight and die.

Here is a run down of the schedule so far:

November 13-16 – Operation “Mahi Tangaroa”: Navy wargames in Auckland where they practice making war

November 16 & 17 – Weapons Expo of 500 International Arms dealers at Viaduct Events Centre, sponsored by #1 weapons dealer – Lockheed Martin

November 17 – Warships line up and sail into Auckland

November 18 – 1000 soldiers march down Queen Street

November 19 – The governor-general inspects the warships

November 20 – The warships are open to the public (especially children who they can entice with real guns and other gadgets)

Auckland Peace Action is organising a response to this week of war: a week of peace action. Stay tuned for more details in the next week about actions and activities you can be part of. In the meantime, we say that war is nothing to celebrate, and it is salient to remember  what war looks like, and its not shiny boats, uniforms and parades: