No Weapons Expo. No Warships. – Waiheke Community Meeting 26th Sept

The community of Waiheke (and anyone that would like to attend) are invited to a public meeting at Morra Hall on the 26th of September 7-9pm. Purpose of meeting is to plan a response to the Governments planned Week of War (14th-21st November)

The main events, of the Government Week of War, include:

• Nov 14 – War games on the Waitemata harbour with 30+ naval warships from around the world

• Nov 16-17 –  Weapons Conference and Expo. The world’s top weapons manufacturers and over 500 arms dealers are coming to the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre, to view and buy new weapons.

• Nov 19-20 – Warships open days; public invited to see weapons up close

In addition to this, our Government has decided to spend $20 billion over the next 15 years upgrading our weapons.

Hear brief presentations from:

• Susi Newborn, Waiheke co-founder of Greenpeace; Rainbow Warrior buyer, namer and crew; activist, author and filmmaker.

• Kevin Hester,
 Rakino resident and veteran of the 1980s Peace Squadron

• Valerie Morse is a Kaipara-based peace activist, writer and gardener

• Billy Hania is a Palestinian-Kiwi with an active stance for Peace and Justice on multiple fronts.

An Evening of Inspired Discussion and Practical Action Plans….Protest Flotilla?    Peace Vigil?  Family Peace Festival?)

The Government is marketing the Week of War as a celebration.War is not a celebration If you have any doubt, please visit

Look forward to seeing you there…! Please click here for meeting-notice-1

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