Double standard on weapons investment

Lockheed Martin, a company that has been banned for investment by the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and ACC because it manufacturers nuclear weapons, holds a current NZ Navy contract for $446 million and is sponsor of this year’s NZ Navy 75th birthday.

It is unacceptable for the New Zealand government to do business with a company that is intimately involved in the nuclear weapons chain.

Over the last couple of weeks, widespread community concern about retirement funds investment in weapons shows that the desire to promote peacemaking and nuclear abolition runs deep.

It is hypocritical that the government is doing business with a company that its own agencies – the Superannuation Fund and ACC – have banned because of the company’s links with activities that are contrary to international law.

Lockheed Martin is the current supplier of the Minuteman III command and control system. The US military has 450 nuclear-armed Minuteman III missiles in operation.

A range of companies including Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Honeywell International and Lockheed Martin have been banned because of New Zealand’s obligations under international law.

NZ Navy Birthday list of sponsors:

Lockheed Martin’s Minuteman III:–icbm-.html


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